Anderson Stink Bug Control

Starting to notice a lot of stink bugs on your property? It’s time to phone our Anderson stink bug control experts. We have the superior solutions to keep the stink bugs away.

While they are not a large threat to home owners they can damage crops and other vegetation, being a larger nuisance for farmers and gardeners. The brown marmorated stink bug has been making a well-known appearance around Anderson and state-wide.

As it’s name suggests, the stink bug puts off a foul odor when stepped on, threatened or smashed. This odor is actually just their defense mechanism but just lightly touching one of these pests could cause them to release this unpleasant smell.

The majority of stink bug instances that we have handled as of late have been pretty minor, but regardless of how significant your infestation may be, our Anderson stink bug control experts have the solutions you require for relief. Just phone us at (765) 274-4170 today to learn more!

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