Ants seem to be easy to treat, but because they can invade in very large numbers, you won’t always find success with in-store solutions. Many products available over the counter that claim to treat ants, are created to target specific types of ants.

Therefore, if you aren’t having any success with that spray you bought, that’s likely why. In addition, you’ll only be killing the ants that you see and not those still hidden. Our professional ant control techs in Anderson can treat your property for full, effective relief from these tiny invasive pests.


There are numerous types of ant problems you might be having if you live in the Anderson, IN area. We are here to help you identify the ant species and provide the perfect solution. 

We will address the ants you already notice, but we will also work to identify and locate any nests so that they can be treated as well. Like many other pests, the ants are gaining entry into your property, and until this is addressed, you’re going to continue having pest issues. We can locate these entry points and help you seal them up to prevent future ants, bugs and rodents from invading your space.

Before you hire just any Anderson exterminator to treat your ant invasion, contact us at (765) 274-4170 to learn what to look for when hiring an Anderson pest control company.

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