Right here at Best Quality Pest Control of Anderson, we take pride in safeguarding residents from bed bugs. This particular pest is one of the worst to deal with. The smallest of infestations can require a professional exterminator for complete removal.

Did you know that bed bugs can go months without a blood meal? They also reproduce quickly, so when action isn’t taken against them right away, the problem worsens and results in more costly services to completely eliminate the bed bugs.


Bed bugs will make themselves known in a manner that makes it impossible to ignore. This ‘manner’ is that they bite you while you sleep so that they can feed on your blood. You may not even feel them because they numb your skin via a compound located in their saliva. You will, however, notice the redness, swelling, and itching that often occurs from bed bug bites.

It’s often difficult to detect bed bugs. They like to hide in small crevices and only emerge at night. Most people do not start to question the risk of possible bed bugs until they are getting bit at night or actually discover possible signs of them; dark spots on bedding or mattress, eggs, skin casings or they see an actual bed bug.

If you feel you might have a bed bug infestation, our Anderson bed bug exterminators are standing by to help! We use the best, most effective solutions to treat these invasive pests. Our team of Anderson exterminators attend regular workshops and training events for our industry so they can deliver the best results at all times. Just call us now to see for yourself just how we can help!

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