Having a problem with beetles? It could be one of many varieties that are found in Anderson, Indiana. Our beetle control pros can determine the type in order to determine the best approach to take for treating the pests. Some beetles can be harmful to have inside your property; the carpet beetle, for instance. 

Carpet beetles are typically oval shape with a blackish center. They typically have yellowish, brownish and white scales as well. They feed on both animal and plant products but are most commonly known for eating carpet. In addition, they ingest leather, hair, wool and even stuffed animals. They typically start out in the attic of a home, eating insects you haven’t noticed. Eventually they work their way down into the home, where you’re most likely going to notice them.


So how long can you expect the beetles to hang around? Honestly, the majority of beetle species don’t typically stick around long inside a home. Everything they need is found outdoors, therefore they eventually find their way out. But we understand most people don’t want to just wait for the beetles to exit on their own.

Our Anderson beetle control exterminators can help you eliminate any present beetles and help you protect against future ones from coming inside. Don’t stress – call our experts today!

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