Unfortunately, the number of Anderson cockroach reports seems to be increasing daily. If you find cockroaches, don’t feel disgusted with yourself. You’re not necessarily to blame. The number of cockroaches invading houses that are clean is on the rise. Even if you have a clean home, your neighbors may not have the same. Cockroaches are also more common in areas with empty, foreclosed homes or abandoned buildings. Cockroaches that live in these foreclosed homes will run out of food eventually and that’s when they leave in search for food in the closest structure; your apartment or house.

Anderson cockroaches aren’t only dreadful, but they can be a major risk for the health of those exposed. Roaches can easily be carrying bacteria that is transferred to humans. This bacteria can cause major illness.


Anderson Roaches can easily get into your home through virtually any opening. To keep cockroaches out of your house you should take steps to caulk and fix any structure blemishes and damage, including gaps and holes that are often around doors, pipes, baseboards and windows. In addition, cockroaches will often hide below paper or cardboard boxes, so be sure to remove these hiding spots. Another key to combat cockroaches is to be sure that foods are saved in closed containers.


With our experience, in-store solutions for cockroaches are worthless. You don’t have access to professional-grade cockroach removal chemical that professional exterminators use to eliminate these filthy unwanted pests. We have had customers tell us they invested more than $700 attempting to treat the cockroaches independently. This is far more than we’d ever ask for eliminating your cockroaches.

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